These are photographs in two different groups. Four of them show the latest four 1:1200 scale models from Superior in their "Never Were" range. These are three battleship designs that were scheduled for production but fell victim to the terms of the Washington Treaty and one which was scratched on the assumption that the London Treaty would be renewed. The second set of photographs represent family shots of ship groups. 


Japanese No. 13 Design
In response to the huge USN 1916 naval program of the USN, Japan launched its own expensive building program called the 8-8 plan, which called for the construction of eight battleships and eight battlecruisers. Only the first two battleships in the program, Nagato and Mutsu, were ever completed. The next two battleships were to be Tosa and Kaga. The No. 13 design was selected for the last four of the battleships. Armament was to be eight 18.9-inch (480mm) guns, sixteen 5.5-inch guns and eight 24-inch torpedo tubes on a displacement of 47,000 tons. As a result of the Washington Treaty, construction was never started. The Japanese No 13 design of 1921 is Superior J110 and priced at $29.50.




British N3 Battleship Design
The Royal Navy was equally concerned with the American 1916 program but they were last off the mark and unlike the USN or IJN never actually laid down a ship in this new naval rivalry. The N3 design of 1922 was the follow on battleship design of the G3 Invincible design that was authorized but not laid down. Armament was to be nine 18-inch guns, sixteen 6-inch guns and six 4.7-inch guns on a displacement of 48,500 tons and a speed of 25 knots. As a result of the Washington Treaty, construction was never started. The Japanese N3 design of 1922 is Superior B112 and priced at $29.50.




British 15A/B Design
In 1935 the Royal Navy was in a quandary. They desperately needed to start construction on new battleships but were uncertain if the London Treaty of 1930 would be renewed with its restriction on main armament. Rather than wait to see if Japan would sign, the RN gambled that it would be renewed and built the King George V Class mounting 14-inch guns rather than this design, the 15A/B. This design was to be armed with nine 15-inch guns and depending upon the final configuration would have a top speed of either 27 or 30 knots. As it turned out the Japanese did not sign a renewal of the treaty and the RN built the five most under gunned 35,000 ton battleships of World War Two. The British 15A/B design of 1935 is Superior B113 and priced at $29.50.



Family Photographs
These are sort of family group shots as each photograph has a grouping of ships with elements in common.
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