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Santa Elisa 1941
C-2-s-bi  type Cargo Ship

Len Jordan Models
1:1200 Scale Waterline Model

In-the-Box Review
Rob Mackie

The Len Jordan 1/1200 Santa Elisa C-2 kit consists of one piece, an unfinished resin-cast hull.  The casting is good, detail is high, and finish is left to the modeler.  You will need to add crane booms, goalposts, and gun barrels.  Use .01 brass for the booms and stretched sprue for the guns.  Like many Len Jordan subjects, the Santa Elisa participated in the Pedestal re-supply convoys to Malta, where she met her end in 1942.  Military merchant ships based on the C-2 hull were ubiquitous in World War II, so this kit's conversion possibilities are too numerous to mention. The kit is available at US $12 from Pacific Front.

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Enlargement showing details
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