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WW2 Liberty Ship

Len Jordan Models
1:1200 Scale Waterline Model

In-the-Box Review
Rob Mackie

A 1/1200 scale resin casting, the Len Jordan WW2 Liberty ship kit consists of one piece - an unpainted resin-cast hull - but what a hull!  The casting is crammed with detail: gun tubs, winches, ventilators, bulkhead supports, lifeboats, davits et al.  It is an extremely impressive piece of work. Cleanup is minimal, consisting of filling a few voids and pinholes. I use thick cyano super glue for this task. The modeler need only add kingposts, crane booms and guns (use .01" and .02" brass wire-not included). See my Warship photo tour of the Liberty ship Jeremiah O'Brien for detailing ideas and paint scheme.  And to make a good kit even better, this little gem is available for US $10 from Pacific Front.

The kit has more detail than the 1/700 Skywave Liberty ship reviewed elsewhere on Warship. Consider adding Tom's Modelworks 1200/1250 scale railing. Liberty ships had a steel bulkhead spanning almost the entire deck, so railing need be affixed only to bulkhead gaps, superstructure deck levels, fore and aft gun tubs.  Add crane rigging and and kingpost guy wires (I use stretched sprue affixed with white glue) and you'll have a stunning 1/1200th scale Liberty ship replica.  And it shouldn't take more than one evening.

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Enlarged photo showing details
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Beautiful photo of the real thing

I build 1/350 and 1/700 scale ships.  I get requests from like-minded modelers seeking 1/1200 or 1/1250 "kits".  They are accustomed to assembling their ships and are intrigued by what they see in the 1250 scale section of Warship.  Regrettably, most ships in this scale come pre-assembled and painted, and are priced accordingly.  Len Jordan is one of the few sources of 1200 scale "kits".  Jordan specializes in British merchant ships and liners, but does produce a few U.S. vessels, including the ubiqitous Liberty, T-2 tanker, and C-3 cargo ship. They are reasonably priced and beautifully detailed.  I hope to see Len Jordan or some other enterprising producer issue more unfinished 1200 scale kits.   I believe there is a market for them.

Len Jordan
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