The Models of Cy Broman

Cy Broman was an innovator in the scratch building of 1:1200 models. Broman started HR Products in the early 1960's and operated it until his death in 1993. HR Products still produce metal parts in various scales for ship model builders. Broman scratch built models starting as far back as before WW II. In the early 1960's he experimented with a number of new mediums for scratch building. The CAVINA incorporates some of these. The hull is wood, but the superstructure is made from plastic sheet, and many of the parts are metal or brass. Later, on some of his models he tried cast resin parts, including even resin hulls. Today, we take resin, and the use of sheet plastic in modeling as a given, but in the early 1960's these materials were relatively new for scratch building, and resins in particular were nowhere near as good or as easy to use as they are today.

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