Robert F. van Oosten sent in photographs of two scratch-built models and two rebuilt models. From the Netherlands there is the French missile cruiser Colbert as from 1973 after reconstruction. The model, scale 1250, was made by Antwerp member Jean Bodson. He used a polymer for the model and a lot of photo-etched details. The model of Gloire is in wood and was constructed in the USA during WW 2. Jean Bodson repaired and improved this Admiralty Model, one of several which were made for instruction purposes during the first years of the Cold War. Jean also reconstructed the Admiralty Model of Göta Lejon, Swedish cruiser as rebuilt in 1952.

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From the United Kingdom there is the model of USS South Dakota, scratch-built by Ron Hughes. This model of the South Dakota class battleship (1923),was made last year by Ron Hughes, onetime supplier of Bassett-Lowe, U.K. The hull is wood and he used both plastic and metal for the details.

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