In the early days of August 1945 in the Indian Ocean , in company of its escorting destroyer, HMS Wizard the Colossus-class light Aircraft Carrier HMS Glory (in this case the converted Neptun N-1120 Triumph) is doing exercises in the waters around Ceylon before sailing southbound to Fremantle and Sydney. On deck two semi-gloss dark blue painted Corsairs of 1831 Squadron are preparing for take off with running engines, while a third one is parked at starboard with engine failure. Behind them four Barracudas of 837 Squadron are visible (C.A.P.Aero with much added details..).

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However, when arriving at Sydney the war in the Pacific ended with Japans surrender without any fighting actions for HMS Glory. Nevertheless, on the 6 September 1945 off Rabaul, on the flight deck of this aircraft carrier the surrender of all Japanese forces of the South-Eastern area was signed.

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Thomas Schroeder