This model was modified from an older Neptun Essex, by the addition of port and starboard catapult outriggers, which were made from styrene. The number 3 radio mast, as well as a radar outrigger on the starboard side of the funnel were removed. Two 40mm Quad mounts were placed on the starboard quarter, and SK and Mk 37 radars from Navalis were installed in place of the standard Neptun radars. The Navalis SK requires minor assembly. This was not a problem, despite it's small size. Navalis radar sets include a variety of different radars. 

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The top mast needs to be added to the model, but otherwise it is complete. The model was painted in Ms 33/3A, with yellow dashes and black numerals. The model was then weathered. Hornet was the only Essex done in this specific Measure and Design according to U.S. Navy Camouflage 2, by The Floating Drydock. She retained this pattern and most these features until July 1945.

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