Mountford does a lot of conventional ship models but in addition they do some pretty esoteric things:  A North Sea Oil Rig, the Space Shuttle and launch Pad, ice bergs and various harbor docks.  Among their newest products are two U.S. Army derrick barges, KEYSTONE STATE and a 100 ton crane.  These two are among the Army's newest vessels, the KEYSTONE STATE (not to be confused with a Ready Reserve Force ship of the same name), being one of a class of four vessels intended to lift the heaviest cargoes onto the decks of Navy sealift ships for transport overseas.   

Mountford's models are very nicely executed.  The KEYSTONE STATE's derrick is made from photo etched brass and the model is well assembled and painted.   Both models are sold together as MM276KP Barge Cranes, and will make a nice addition to any collection.    

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Paul Jacobs