The Konishi Company of Japan produces high quality models in a variety of scales in metal and brass. Although their larger scale models can be purchased in kit form, their line of 1:1250 scale models cannot be. The 1:1250 scale models come assembled and painted. The Konishi line of 1:1250 models numbers over 100 ships. The majority of the models are of Japanese ships, however there are a number of liners and merchant ships which are of foreign registry. These include a number of famous liners such as BREMEN, QUEEN MARY, TITANIC and NORMANDIE. In addition, Konishi produces some Russian warships of the Russo-Japanese War, and in 2001 released the U.S.S. MISSOURI. Konishi produces a number of JSDMF ships and some modern merchant ships and liners. 

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The largest segment of their 1250 line, however, are their Japanese Imperial Navy ships of the WW II era. All of the major carriers, battleships, and most cruisers are represented here, with a smattering of destroyers and submarines. Of particular interest are some unusual items such as MAYA with only four 8" turrets, MOGAMI and HYUGA as hybrid carriers, a MOGAMI in the 6" light cruiser configuration, and HAGURO circa 1929. Konishi models are made differently than are the German made models. According to Konishi they are made through the lost wax casting process. Instead of the soft alloys used by the German manufacturers, Konishi models are made of a very hard metal, reminiscent of the old Framburg models. Some of the larger ships are cast in several pieces and then bolted together. Some of the parts are made of brass. The result is a hard, solid model, virtually impervious to damage. Konishi uses paints which tend towards glossy, particularly on their merchants and liners. Their early model warships were painted solid gray, but in recent years Konishi has taken to painting the decks a light brownish-tan color. Konishi 1250's are anatomically correct, but lack the fineness of detail found on German made models such as those by Neptun, HF, H&B and others who do Japanese ships. They do compare favorably however with early Neptun and Navis models, and are far better than Delphin, and other earlier manufacturers. 

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Konishi are expensive by European standards, and are hard to get because dealers generally do not carry them due to their high cost. However, Konishi can be purchased direct from the manufacturer. Konishi has a website: where you can view their catalog, and you can order via e-mail. Konishi accepts major credit cards. 

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