1898 Fleetparade in the Netherlands - On the 15th September 1898 a fleetparade was held by the Royal Dutch Navy in honour of the inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina. The location was "Moerdijk" at a very wide seagate, Holland’s Diep, gave specifically from both sides the opportunity of watching the proceedings. Participating were three cruisers of the Holland-class, plus monitors, armoured gunboats and several torpedoboats, 27 ships in total.

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New Models from Rhenania for the Exhibit
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On October 7, 2004 an exposition opened in the maritime Panorama Mesdag museum in The Hague which will highlight the parade. Participating will be the Dutch Ship Collectors Club for which member, Hans Dorlas organized a 1250 scale, complete overview of the happening of 1898, including all participating ships. For the occasion Rhenania's Norbert Bröcher launched a set of five Dutch torpedoboats as depicted here, showing from the left the Ardjoeno, 1886, home fleet black, Rhe 141; the Hydra, 1898, tropical colours for service in the Netherlands East Indies, Rhe 142; the Krokodil, tropical colours, 1905, Rhe 143; the Ophir, 1900, black, Rhe 144; and the Michiel Gardeyn, 1904, black, Rhe 145. The quality of this task force is excellent, and fits perfectly together with Rhenania's models of the cruiser Holland and the destroyers of the Wolf-class.

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The Diorama & Distinguished Visitors
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Robert F. van Oosten and Hans Dorlas