This is the Dutch naval base of Surabaya, East Java, just before the Japanese invasion started. The pictures were made by Hans Dorlas, who dazzle painted the models of the De Ruyter (Rhenania), Java (Clydside). and the destroyer, van Gent (Evertsen class Star model ).

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The harbour's dimensions are 100 x 100 cm (3.281 x 3.281 feet), scale 1:1250 and was constructed by Robert F. van Oosten, based on original naval maps and aerial photographs. The situation reflects the period of February 1942 and depicts most of the allied ABDA-fleet, commanded by Rear-Admiral Karel Doorman. Left top of picture 1 shows you the USS Houston (Chicago class cruiser from Neptun ) and some of the U.S. four-stackers as well as the U.S.S. Marblehead in the center of the picture.

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Rob van Oosten