The Complete Authenticast 1945 Catalog
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From the collection of Paul Jacobs comes this most interesting piece of modeling history. The year was 1945, the Allies were clear victors (or soon would be), and the weapons of Victory must have had great appeal for boys and collectors.  Note both the 1940s graphic style and the rhetoric. This was, after all, a more innocent time and there was no question about the justness of the cause. In addition to ships, Authenticast produced metal replicas of both tanks and planes, and they are all here. I've indicated those pages of particular interest to ship modelers and collectors, but really, the entire catalog is a fascinating period piece.

The first ten pages or so are primarily price listings and of limited visual interest, so I have omitted thumbnail images. To view these pages click the description.

Things get interesting after the price listings. The visuals are vintage 40s and there are many good close-ups of the metal ship models. The files are large, so there will be a bit of a wait as they download.

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Price Listings

1:500 Metal kit listing. Note prices

Listing of 1:1200 merchant ships and 1:500 "Teacher Scale" models with wooden hulls and metal fittings

Miscellaneous model accessories, 2nd page

Price listing of Comet 1:1200 scale US Warships

Price listing of Comet 1:1200 scale British Warships

Price listing of Comet 1:1200 scale Japanese Warships

Price listing of Comet 1:1200 scale German Warships

Price listing of 1:108 US, British, Russian, German and Japanese tank models , 2nd page

Price listing Planes of All Nations, 2nd page


Promotional Material, manufacturing info and pictures

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The Battle of the Pacific
American and Japanese Ships

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The Battle of the Atlantic
British and German Ships

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The Mediterranean Naval Engagements
Ships of the Combatants

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The Philippines
American and Japanese Tanks

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Battle of El Alamein
Allied and German Tanks
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Full Hull and Waterline 1:500 Metal Models
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Planes in Action

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