CM models has introduced a model of the design of USS United States, the first true supercarrier. Initially designated CVA58 (for Atomic), friction with the Air Force over the role of Navy carriers in nuclear combat forced the Navy to change the designation to mean Attack. Later it was changed to CVB. 1,000 feet long and weighing 65,000 tons standard, she was designed to carry 12-18 bombers and 35-40 fighters (jet). The bomber initially set to equip the ship was the PV2 Neptune but this was changed to the AJ Savage turboprop bomber, the first aircraft large enough to carry the 5 ton atomic bomb. Congressional committees were lobbied heavily over this ship due to Air Force objections to the Navy ship carrying and participating in the delivery of atomic weapons. The Air Force argued for budgeting for more B36 bombers to carry the war deep into Soviet Russia. The ship was cancelled and led to an "admirals" revolt, but the USN carrier fleet had been saved because the "attack" mode made large carriers useful in various levels of warfare. No aircraft are furnished with this model so the are bare. Note the side funnels on both sides and the heavy AA armament of 8-5"54 and 14-3"50. The starboard side catapult is unique and was due to the flush deck arrangement. Most dealers will carry this model, a CM beauty.

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Bob Weymouth