Here are four pictures of my model of the HMS Griffin. It's a downscaled version of the cardboard kit of the Polish destroyer ORP Garland. The kit is produced by the Polish company JSC (, which has an impressive range of paper kits in 1:400 scale. I painted the model, therefore it was sufficient to print the parts on a black and white printer. I used heavier cardboard mainly for the decks and bulkheads and a lighter one for the rest. I also used stretched sprues, steel and brass rods. Images 1 and 2 show the finished model, although the pennant number is still missing. In Image 2 she is accompanied by Airfix's old Cossack Class destroyer. Image 3 shows her at an early stage of construction while in image 4 she is ready for painting. (Editor's Note - This model is actually 1:1250 scale not 1:600. Since the article didn't mention scale but had an Airfix Cossack, it was assumed to be in 1:600 scale.)

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Michael Kaintoch
Munich, Germany