The major class of USN aircraft carriers during World War Two was the large Essex class. However, this class was very potent as an offensive force was still a further development of the preceding Yorktown class. Although none were sunk, they could be put out of action by penetration of their unarmored decks. In October 1943 the USN laid down the first extremely large aircraft carrier with USS Midway CVB-41. There was such a jump in size and displacement over the previous Essex ships that the navy came up with the new CVB designator just for these ships. Commissioned just after the conclusion of World War Two, the three ships of this class were the most potent carriers available until the appearance of the Forrestal super-carriers. During the Korean War it was the Essex class that provided air operations over the Korean peninsula. Since the Midway class could carry heavier aircraft and specifically the AJ Savage nuclear bomber, the big Midways were kept in the Atlantic and Mediterranean as a deterrent to Soviet expansion into Europe. This was more of a strategic role, than the tactical role of the Essexes. As the Essex class disappeared from the scene due to their limited capabilities with heavier modern jet aircraft, the Midway class was large enough to be modified to accept heavier aircraft as they were introduced.

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Hai has produced a 1:1250 scale model of the USS Midway CV-41 as of 1970. Hai 543 has deck marking but does not come with aircraft. The Hai Midway is available from Galerie Maritim.

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