When you think of submarine services during World War Two, there are probably two that come to mind. One of course is the German U-Boat campaign in the North Atlantic that ultimately was unsuccessful. The other is the USN submarine campaign in the Pacific, which did savage the Japanese merchant fleet and strangle the Japanese industry of raw materials. However, the submarines of the Royal Navy also operated in a very dangerous environment. The Mediterranean is shallow and constricted compared to the Atlantic or Pacific. Royal Navy submarine losses were heavy in that area. If the British submarine is neglected, how much more so is the auxiliary that kept those submarines operational? Martin Brown of MB Models has produced a 1:1250 scale model of the last of the World War Two submarine depot tenders, the HMS Adamant.

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HMS Adamant was built by that great yard in Northern Ireland, Harland & Wolff, whose most famous creation was the RMS Titanic. At 658 feet (200.55m) in length, the Adamant was no small ship. She displaced 12,700 tons standard, 16,500 tons deep load and was armed with eight 4.5-inch/45 DP and four quadruple Pom-poms. She carried 117 21-inch torpedoes for resupply of His Majesty's submarines. Launched in 1940, HMS Adamant was scrapped in 1970. The MB Models version of Adamant comes with a resin hull and upper bridge. White metal parts provide the smaller detail, such as masts, cranes and armament. Minor clean-up is required on the parts, such as removing metal casting vents and straightening mast and yards.

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The HMS Adamant, submarine depot ship by MB Models, is available from Martin Brown's own web site, Waterline Ships Co. Simply click on the Red Duster.