The Weapons Class destroyers made their appearance after the end of World War Two. As a late war design, they embodied the best of Royal Navy design theories, as fleet anti-submarines escorts. However, 1945 technology was unprepared for the jet and missile age. In the late 1950s, these destroyers were well long in tooth and it was decided to rejuvenate them by modifying them into fleet radar pickets. 

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Four of the class were modified to radar pickets in 1958-1959. They heavy lattice foremasts and mainmasts to support a comprehensive radar fit in order to fulfill their mission. Four ships were so converted, Battleaxe, Broadsword, Crossbow and Scorpion, ex-Tomahawk. Battleaxe was badly damaged in a collision with the frigate Ursa on August 1, 1962. She was so badly damaged that it was not economically feasible to repair her. She was scrapped in 1963, with the other units placed on the disposal lists in the mid-1960s. 

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MB Models produces a 1:1250 scale model of the Weapons Class Radar Picket. The model is composed of a resin hull with white metal masts, weapons and fittings. This model is available from Waterline Ships Co, as are all products of MB Models