So this is not my main scale, as my main interest is in 1/72 airplanes…if that does not disqualify me, read on !) but I happen to have built some, including those from the Heller cadet range. These are basic models (40 years old at least! In this range I have found 3 ships from the French Marine Nationale ( that we still call the “Royale”). The helicopter carrier Jeanne d’Arc , the cruiser Colbert, and the guided missile frigate Suffren. I have added a fourth by building a conversion of Colbert in her second life, as a guided missile cruiser (1970’s-1990’s). Here are the two Colbert, the original being  the all-gun cruiser from the 1950’s-1960’s: Colbert with Jeanne d’Arc . The four ships of the « Royale »… with allowance for a little time-warp. And now, with the USS Spruance and USS Ticonderonga from Hobby Boss, we have a joint task force: Hope HB offers more ships in this range soon! Anyhow, even with old and basic models you can still have fun.

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Claude Sourdet