This is a new product from a newcomer to the world of 1250 scale models. NAVALIS is a new company dedicated to producing high quality photo etched brass. 1250 SCALE has received one of the first examples of their work, a set of generic ratlines. This set features ratlines in 20, 30, 40 and 50 foot sizes. Another set is in the works which will have scale sizes from 75 feet up to 150 feet. The individual ratlines can be cut in width and height as needed.

The detail work on these is precise, and while they are 1:1250 scale, they certainly can be used on 1:1200 scale models, which is important, since most sailing ship kits come in that scale. But these are useful not just for sailing ships. Many steamships in the late 19th and early 20th century had ratlines, even though they carried no sails.

rat2-55.jpg (71054 bytes) rat3-55.jpg (130862 bytes)

NAVALIS is planning to produce WW II USN and RN radar screens next. These PEB sets are a welcome addition to the 1250 scale modeling scene. Scratch builders and modifiers have been waiting a long time for these kinds of parts.

These sets are not yet available for sale. The one pictured here is a pre-production example. They should be available for sale, however, within the month. As soon as they are, we'll tell you where to get them and how much they'll cost you.