Here are the first pictures of HMS Furious in 1942. The changes are modifications to the hull to give the flight deck a correct horizontal position. If you look to the original model from behind you will see that it "hangs down" to the starboard side. All masts and catwalks were self-made from wire, stretched sprue and photo-etched parts. I also exchanged all carley floats by self-cast British style floats and added two 2cm Oerlikons behind the pompoms on the lower flight deck. I have added also a copy of the camouflage pattern in 1942. Alan Raven has published it in his Camouflage IV book as the 1943 pattern, but referencing good old Warship Profile and the video "Color Camera at Sea". I think Furious got it already during her US refit in early 1942 and retained the deck pattern from 1941 with thinner dash lines. The colours I used were MS1, B5, B6 and MS4A for the horizontal pattern and 507A, 507B and 507C for the deck pattern. But this only my guess as I lack more detailed information.

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Peter Ohm