Superior’s HMS Hood, 1944 Plan
By John Olsen

Here's the last of the current batch of Superior's Special Production Run models I received. These are produced in limited numbers and may already be sold out, but they may be reissued from time to time depending on demand. Give Pete Paschall at Alnavco a call if interested. 

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This model depicts a conjectural late war reconstruction of HMS Hood with seaplane hangar, catapult and handling cranes amidships, remodeled bridge and fire controls, new light tripod fore and main masts, and augmented AA armament. It is similar to, though less extensive than, the major reconstruction proposed in 1938 that would have also replaced the machinery, removed the torpedo tubes and improved armor protection. If executed, this reconstruction would have altered Hood's silhouette to resemble the rebuilt HMS Renown, and might well have prevented her later loss to Bismarck. As shown in the model, however, Hood retains her familiar funnels and bears a comfortable resemblance to her old self despite the alterations. The scenario thus presented is that Hood, having survived or avoided the Bismarck action, would have been given a more superficial refit later in the war that may or may not have included torpedo tube removal and armor redistribution, but would have presumably left her old power plant intact. 

Superior's model is clearly an adaptation of their standard Hood model. The modifications are convincing, but, as in most Superior models, the solid tripod masts should be replaced with plastic rod and brass wire for them to look right. I also added a Type 285 foremast radar fashioned out of some discarded rod stock. Primary and secondary turrets are cast separately. Main battery turrets obviously belong to Superior’s standard Hood and can be easily made trainable, but the new 5.25in twin mounts probably came from Superior's KGV, and are best glued in place since they are so close to the sides. I painted Hood in a late war Admiralty Standard camouflage pattern (G45 with a B20 side panel) with natural teak decks (Pollyscale Old Concrete). An interesting comparison when set next to the original Hood