Last year I bought the new model, USS Phelps from Paper Lab, and was amazed of that quality . At the same time I checked the few number of possible improvements and here is the result. It seems to be incredible, but it is possible to do some improvements on the new Paper Lab Models, like in this case, USS Phelps, DD 360 /TH-002A. Besides the camouflage in Measure 32/3D and the national flag, there are new Radars on the main mast and on the MK 37 5" gun director. A HF/DF radio direction finder for submarines is seen on the rear mast and some antennas on the rear funnel, as well as some cables and other small details for the main mast are added . The very small black painted strokes are made by a pencil for drawing ink in thickness 0.13mm.

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Thomas Schröder