Chris Hankin of Pier Head sent in these photographs of four ships in his lineup. Additionally he provided the following commentary about the subjects.

The Birkenhead was a Mersey paddle ferry of the Birkenhead Corporation and was later re-built into the Gallic of the White Star Line. The second model is a "Railway Steamer", the Coleen Bawn, of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company. The sequence of shots here shows her arriving at the cattle lairage in Birkenhead, facing an ebb tide, and then having to wear round to the flood before continuing to discharge her cargo into the night. I thought this might add a little interest to the straight forward pictures.

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Birkenhead & Coleen Bawn
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The next two subjects cover Rea Tug Throstlegarth, picking up Blue Funnel Sarpedon (Albatros) off Woodside in the Mersey, and the Blue Funnel "oil separation vessel" Xanthus then going alongside.

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Throstlegarth & Xanthus
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