Here are some more never were releases, first shown at the 40th Alnavco Anniversary in September 2005.  The first is Superior Model J112, not 113, which is a different model, of the Japanese YAMATO preliminary design A140A2. Of 68,000 tons, she mounted 8-18.1" (4x2), 12-6.1" (4x3) and 12-5"/40 AA. On 200,000 shp she could make 30 knots, being faster than the B2 because of her lighter main armament, more weight and room could be used for engines.

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The second, US BB Design 1917 was No166 in Friedman's book on US Battleships, an Illustrated Design History and was to have been 35,700 tons, mounting 10-16"/45 (5x2), 22-6"/53, 4-3" AA and 4 21inch TT with a speed of approximately 21 knots. This is model number Superior A135.

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The last is British BC design F3. After the cancellation of the G3 class BC's by the Washington Treaty, the Royal Navy looked at two designs for battle cruisers, the latter, F3 displaced 35,000 tons with 9-15"(3x3) mounted all forward like NELSON, 8-6" (4x2) with a speed of approximately 30 knots. Belt armor was to have been 12" inclined 72 degrees and deck armor would have been 7". The action shots were done on Pixela.

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Other New releases at the Alnavco 40th Anniversary were: A134A MAXIMUM BB 1934, U.S., 66,000t, 975’ l,   8-20” (4 x 2);  A134B MAXIMUM BB 1934, U.S., 66,000t, 975’ l,   12-18” (4 x 3);  A134C MAXIMUM BB 1934, U.S., 66,000t, 975’ l, 16-16” (4 x 4); G105 H44 German BB, 128,930t, (1133’ x 169’), 8-20” (4x2), 12-5.9” (6x2), 16-4.1” (8x2), 6-21” TT, 6 AC; G208 KW45, German CB 1939, 45,000t, 984’, 8-15” (4 x 2), 12-5.9”, (4 x 3), 8-4.1” (4 x 2), 8-21”TT; F110 CLEMENCEAU French BB, 40,270t, 8-15” (2x4), 12-6” (4x3), 12-3.9” (6x2); F304 FOCH, French CA 1939; F305 DUPLIEX, French CA 1939; F306 ALGERIE, French CA 1942; F402 EMILE BERTIN, French CL 1944

Bob Weymouth