Here are three pictures each of Superior Models newest releases:

HMAS Hobart B408 Australian Light Cruiser- originally built for the Royal Navy as HMS Apollo. She displaced 6,980 tons and carried eight 6inch and eight 4inch AA. Unlike her two sisters, Hobart survived the war serving in Australian waters from 1941-45.

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HMS Dorsetshire B305 British Heavy Cruiser that launched the torpedoes which sank Bismarck. A County Class Cruiser, she weighed 9,975 tons and carried eight 8inch and eight 4inch AA. She performed excellent service from 1939 to April 1942 when she was tragically sunk along with HMS Cornwall by Japanese dive bombers off of Ceylon.

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IJN Mogami CA/CV Originally an ten gunned heavy cruiser (after being converted from a 15 gunned light cruiser), Mogami was given a flight deck instead of her two after turrets when she was badly damaged at Rabaul by US carrier aircraft. She could carry eleven Jake scout aircraft but usually carried no more than five.

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IJN Kitakami - CL TT, 1941- converted from a 5,500 ton Kuma class light cruiser, Kitakami and her sister ship, Ohi, carried the heaviest torpedo armament ever mounted on a ship. Ten quad 24inch mountings gave these ships unprecedented fire power to use against the USN Battle line in night battle. Converted in 1944 to a kaiten carrier, Kitakami was used as a troop transport toward the end of hostilities.

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