Here are four 1:1200 scale models of battleship designs, which were never completed, from Superior/Alnavco, in their "Never-Were" series.

(1) J109 A-150 Type 798 "Super" Yamato with 6-20inch guns. This was originally issued about five years ago.

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(2) Also a reissue, A126, US Tillman, Design IV2, one of a series of designs made in 1916 to find the ultimate US battleship design, armed with 15-18inch guns.

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(3) Reissue: A127, USS Georgia, a Montana II design with 18inch/47 caliber guns in lieu of the 16inch/50.

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(4) Finally, A202, the 1921 Design of USS Lexington, CC1 armed with 8-16inch/50. An improved version (armament and protection) over the 1916 design.

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