The kits for the Yorktown class came with a hull, flight deck, island, mast, main crane and boat crane. The only difference between the kits was the islands, all other parts were the same. The flight deck configuration looks to be as for the Hornet as it has a 1.1" mount to the side of the flight deck instead of two just aft of the island. I made a casting of the 1.1" mount, removed the mount from the flight deck and put the cast piece aft of the Island on my Yorktown model. All were painted with Model Master maritime paints. Yorktown is in MS-12 with Sea Blue (5-S), Ocean Gray (5-O) and Haze Gray (5-H). Enterprise is in MS 21 with Navy Blue (5-N). Hornet is in MS-12 modified with Navy Blue (5-N), Ocean Gray (5-O) and Haze Gray (5-H). All flight decks are in Norfolk 251 Flight Deck Strain and decks are in Deck Blue (20-B). Basis for painting is Warship Pictorial 9, Yorktown Class Carriers, by Steve Wiper, Classic Warships Publishing.

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Henry Snyder