This plane was my entry for the unofficial 'TWE tiny challenge' on Everyone was invited to build a paper model of his own choice at 75% of the original size or smaller. After some consideration, I decided to do Fiddlersgreen's Grumman Avenger ( in 1/1250 (i.e. at about 7.4% of original size). I printed several sheets each of the size of a small stamp, and repainted it in British Pacific Fleet markings on normal paper. However, before I did so, I removed all gluing tabs and other unnecessary stuff from the graphics. Apart from bringing me to the very limits of my modeling skills, the build was straight forward. I only omitted the cowling ring, which turned out to be impossible to cut out. I want to stress that this build was to meet a challenge, and therefore I used the original parts' layout. Normally I would heavily modify this kit before building it in 1/1250. In particular, I'd reduce the number of fuselage segments to three, use a separate fin, and I surely would not use two parts for the wing roots and outer wings. The carrier is my venerable 1/1200 scale Ark Royal from Airfix. I know, completely unsuitable, but it's the only one I got.

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Michael Kaintoch
Munich, Germany