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Deck Railing

Tom's Modelworks
1:1250 Scale Etched Brass

Rob Mackie

This Tom's Modelworks etched brass fret is a godsend for collectors and modelers of 1200/1250 scale ships.   The fret contains 80 inches of 3-bar railing.  This equates to over 8,000 scale feet of railing in 1250 scale, enough to detail many ships.  More importantly, the railing is very delicate and "in-scale". 4-bar railing would have resulted in the individual rails being too delicate, so Tom's Modelworks wisely settled on 3-bar.   The difference between 3-bar and 4-bar is not noticeable in 1200/1250 scale.

Adding railing to a 1250 scale ship can result in a most impressive display piece.  I suggest using "white glue" (Elmer's is the most commonly available brand in the USA) to affix railing.  Simply touch the bottom rail to a bit of white glue and place on the deck.  The glue sets up surprisingly fast and is very forgiving. A botched installation is easily fixed.  A bit of water will dissolve the white glue enabling you to remove and re-affix the railing.

I highly recomment this product.  It is available for US $12.50 from Tom's Modelworks or Pacific Front.

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