I like to create 1:1250 scale dioramas because, to my mind, it gives our models a context in which you can view them. My most recent diorama is of a typical 1940s USN shipyard. It contains two graving drydocks, a floating drydock, two piers and a shipyard slipway and fitting out piers. 

The Quincy's hull was made from plastic for me by Hugh Thomas.  I made the underwater hull for Sims from balsa wood and sealed it with super glue.  

The buildings are mostly Cruise Line models.  The two red Marine Barrack buildings are Skytrex. The red dockside cranes are Skytrex cranes. The producer of the large heavy lift crane is unknown to me. The docks were made from Tap Plastic 1/4 inch strips. The maker of graving dry dock #1 is unknown. It was given to me by a friend and he was not sure of the producer. Graving dry dock #2 is by Cruise Line. The floating dry dock is from Nautik-Art

The base was constructed from two 1/4 inch Tap Plastic sheets. Dry docks 1 and 2 were both cut and set into the base. Water is composed of three different shades of blue Tamiya paints. The display measures 31.5 inches by 20.5 inches. 

Most of the models are Neptun’s unless identified otherwise.

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Drydock 1: Lexington CV-2 Ms. 11 (Atlas) with heavy lifting crane.

Drydock 2: Sims DD-409 Ms. Ms.12 mod. - Quincy CA-39 Ms. 12 mod. 

Nautik-Art Floating dry docks: - Bagley DD-386 Ms. 32/1d (Argonaut)        

Pier side: Wind cl. AGB Ms. 32/22 (Viking)     

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Nautik-Art Shipyard Slipway: Figurehead Liberty ship under construction & 2 cranes.

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5. Piers 1/2:

Alabama BB-60 1943 Ms. 12 mod.  

Crescent City AP-40/APA-21 Ms. 21 (XX)

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6.  Fuel Pier

Melville AD-2 Ms. 12 (SMY)

Hogan DMS-6  Ms. 21 

Schley DD-103 Ms. 21

Mahan DD-364 Ms. 21

Barnegat AVP-10 Ms. 12 Mod.

Cimarron AO-22 1943 Ms. 12 mod.

Underway: Condor AMc-14 (SMY) and a LCVP

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Tom Vargas