1200 & 1250 Scale Models
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Paul Jacobs

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 Battleships and Battlecruisers
Superior's HMS Hood, Planned 1944 Design, by John Olsen
Superior's HMS Invincible, 1921 Battlecruiser Design
by John Olsen 
Argonaut and Neptun HMS Repulse Models
  by Ingo Hohm


Aircraft Carriers

HMS Ark Royal & HMS Victorious
, Post World War Two Carriers from Skytrex by John Olsen.

Merchant Ships

Bendoran 10,300 Ton Merchant Ship 1957   (1:1200)
by Len Jordan Models
here for Rob Mackie's review and photos


Empire Ken and British Endurance 
These are new releases in resin.  EMPIRE KEN is the former German liner UBENA, which after WW II served as a British trooper.  ENDURANCE is an inter-war tanker.  Both models are beautifully painted, nicely appointed models, although fineness of detail is not up to the level of the best German models.  Nevertheless these are desirable models.


LANCASTRIA   (1:1200) 
Len Jordan Model L9 as finished by Wirral

This elegant Cunarder was similar to a number of single funnel ships built in the early 20's for Cunard and for the Anchor Line.  Wirral has done a fine job of finishing the Jordan resin model in Cunard colors.  This ship was sunk with great loss of life during the evacuation of St. Nazaire, shortly after Dunkirk.   Sister ship CAMERONIA survived the war. 

Santa Elisa C-2 Cargo Ship 1941 (1:1200)
by Len Jordan Models
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Aircraft Carriers
Joffre, French Carrier Design of 1938, John Olsen reviews the Anker model of this French Carrier, that was started but never completed.


by Optatus

This is a beautifully detailed model of Neptun quality. The model may be available in limited quantities and is a worthwhile acquisition.
Unryu  N 1211
by Neptun

This ship was originally done by Neptun nearly thirty years ago. As an early Neptun, it was soon eclipsed by the higher quality models that have since become the hallmark of  Neptun, and therefore production of it was not continued for long.  Nevertheless, it was a fine model and is still collectable. This new issue, finally brings us a model of the ship which is consistent with current Neptun quality. Last year, Optatus produced Katsuragi, a sister ship. A comparison of the two reveals that the models differ in a variety of details, and the two are not exact sisters. And while the Optatus model is excellent, it lacks the clean, fine, finish of the Neptun model. Nevertheless, a serious collector of Japanese ships would want to have both.

Merchant Ships
Queen Ace, Automobile Transport, 1988, HB C-31, by Steve Backer

                                    Battleships and Battlecruisers
Anker Model of the 1937 Russian Battleship Hybrid Design, by John Olsen

Battleships and Battlecruisers
The Ultimate Dreadnought, the Tillman 1916 Battleship Design IV-2 - John Olsen looks at the new "Never Built" 1:1200 model from Superior. This design for the USN, contemplated an 80,000 ton ship mounting fifteen 18-Inch guns. 

Delphin's USS United States, 1921 Design Reviewed and photographed by John Olsen. This US Battlecruiser Design was chopped by the Washington Treaty

USS South Dakota BB-49, (1921 Design) , Superior Models, by John Olsen 

USS Langley CV-1, The USN's First Carrier, Mountford Metal Miniatures 1:1200 Scale - Mountford Models of the United Kingdom has released a 1:1200 scale model of America's first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley CV-1. The hull is resin with white metal detail parts. Product Review by Cato


Saratoga  N 1317
by Neptun

Models of this ship have been available in 1250 scale since World War II. Among those producing it were Bassett-Lowke (in wood), Comet, Framburg, Superior, Delphin, and Argonaut. Of  these, the Framburg was quite accurate in proportion and scale, and the Argonaut, still available, is also very good. But the model that collectors have long awaited is at last here.

This  model of  the carrier, circa 1945, is typical of the consistent and outstanding quality which collectors have come to expect from Neptun. As with all Neptun models, this is, and will remain the ultimate commercially produced model of this big ship. As with all of Neptun's recent carrier models, the deck markings are beautifully executed, including the large numerals at bow and stern. In a departure
from previous practice, Neptun has changed the large SC radar "mattress", by piercing it and depicting only the main cross members. In the past it was Neptun's practice to produce the radar in a solid
form. Whether this change is an improvement or not remains to be seen. A more innovative approach would have been to try using photo-etched technology to produce a more realistic result. The extent to which this would add to the labor involved, and subsequent cost of the model is a fact to be considered, however.
This model is a must for 1250 collectors. You should be able to get it now through one of the dealers listed on this site. 

                                              Merchant Ships
Central America, 1857 Gold Ship By Argos, Special Series 14-S - The special edition Central America is produced by Argos and is model number 14-S. Ulrich H. Rudofsky provides the history of the ship which carried prospectors en route to the California Gold Rush and then the gold back to New York. She was sunk in a hurricane in 1857, 160 miles off North Carolina. 

US WW2 Liberty Ship  (1:1200) 
by Len Jordan Models

Click here for Rob Mackie's review and photos

SBC 4   NF 70
by Neptun

This is a new, and unexpected, addition to the line of  1:1250 aircraft produced by Neptun, and is apparently in response to the need for aircraft for their new Lexington model. At this point, one can outfit the LEX with F2A BUFFALO's ( in 1940 VF-2 on the LEX got some) and now these new scout bombers.  Hopefully, Neptun will follow these with TBD's which would be useful not only for LEX, but also on their earlier YORKTOWN model.  And, during 1942, even WASP had some TBD's for a time.
Other useful aircraft would be SB2U VINDICATORS, which saw service on most pre-war U.S. carriers. These planes are sold, unpainted in packs of three.
The Aquarius models of CSS Chicora, USS Choctaw, and USS Essex are examined by John Olsen.


1:1200 Sailing Ships from the Napoleonic Period
Well known for their 1:2400 scale models, GHQ also produces a line of 1:1200 sailing ships from the Napoleonic period.  These include the USS CONSTITUTION, HMS VICTORY, and several British, French and Spanish ships of the line, as well as frigates, sloops, brigs, and other small warships.  These models are excellently cast, with finely detailed boats, anchors, etc.  Masts and sails are also cast in metal. 

These kits require substantial skill to produce a good result.   The intricate detail necessitates careful painting and rigging in this scale demands a steady hand.

All of these kits are highly recommended


Navalis 1:1250 Aircraft Decals

Paul Jacobs looks at the four new aircraft decal sheets from Navalis Models. The sheets are for Early USN (1250-1), Royal Navy & Marine Nationale (1250-2), Japan, Germany & the Soviet Union (1250-3), and Post War USN (1250-4). Click here for photos and review.

Navalis 1:1250 Scale Photo-Etched Ratlines
on the USS Delaware

Paul Jacobs writes about using the Navalis 1:1200/1:1250 scale photo-etched ratlines on building the Skytrex ship of the line, USS North Carolina as USS Delaware. Click here for photos and review.

                                    1250 Scale Etched Brass Ratlines

by Navalis- Now you don't have to scratch-build the ratlines for your sailing ships or steamships that had ratlines on their masts. This product comes in different sizes. Click here for review and photos.

                                    1250 Scale Etched Brass Deck Railing
by Tom's Modelworks
Click here for review and photos

A look at five Len Jordan 1:1200 kits 
  Reina del Mar
  T-2 Tanker